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when you don’t get much of something, you learn to love and appreciate the smallest amount. in this case, I celebrate the little raindrops dancing upon my head. ~ken10

For Mags

The soft mulch of an early morning trail,

The brown bark of a pine tree contrasts with green needles,

That is her hair.

The dark roads with twists and turns beyond the bend,

The unknown but trusted state routes,

Those are her eyebrows.

The sky is now free of clouds,

Yet the storm still lingers somehow,

Her eyes.

A glimpse into days of old,

Prior to palm trees, Pacific breezes and gold,

That is her nose.

The Cardinal dances upon her perch,

Witness to the ever-changing winds,

These are her lips.

As Natural as Nature,

Beautiful is her Landscape,

She is of the Earth,

I Love Her.

Keynote Speaker 
Our Lady of Peace Academy
May 5, 2014

Keynote Speaker 


Our Lady of Peace Academy

May 5, 2014

There was a time in our history when people with darker skin were hunted and killed for profit.  At that point in time, n***er was an acceptable word, as was reds*k*ns . both pejorative terms

Imagine this, “Dad- Is it true that when GranDaddy was Little Marcus & Maddie couldn’t go 2 school 2gether? and When U were Little teams had names like #Redskins? & hats with that on them?

Wind Poem

PalM LeaVes coVer strEEts

sTREWn brAnCHes liTTer rAnCHes

gULLs sQUint eYES and gLIDe

stREEt sIGNs aRe kEEPinG tHe tIMe,

AIRlines ReaRRange fLIGHt pLANs

 iNLaND hIKes CanCeLLeD,


DUSt StORms iN deserts

the TUNA bOATs hUg the cOASt

and stREEt sWEEPers cOUNt OverTimE.

 THIS is the WIND


“LiMiTLeSS and free”

LiKe jaZZ and PoETrY.


Salute to Pelé


Salute to Pelé